Winners' Circle: MapR

Winners' Circle by Anoop Dawar, Vice President, Products, MapR

The MapR team would like to thank  the DBTA readers for the “Best Streaming Data Solution” award and their continued support. There is an exciting paradigm shift happening in terms of how we process event data in real time to better react to business opportunities or risks. At MapR, we understand that to stay ahead of the competition, businesses need the ability to react to business-critical events as they happen. Real-time and reliable delivery of event data is one of the most critical challenges customers are facing, due to the ever-increasing volume and diversity of data as well as geographically dispersed data sources.

MapR Streams fills a critical gap when businesses need to depend on a truly reliable, performant, and scalable event delivery mechanism. A key component of the MapR Converged Data Platform, MapR Streams is a publish-subscribe event streaming system that supports reliable performance at IoT scale. Unlike traditional messaging queues, MapR Streams is built to support IoT scale messaging where millions of mes- sages are expected to be delivered every second. With its real-time global replication mechanism, MapR Streams allows seamless failover in case a data center goes down, ensuring business continuity. Moreover, MapR Streams can be leveraged to converge streaming and batch applications into hybrid applications. This allows customers to analyze real-time streaming data in conjunction with historical data in Hadoop.