Winners' Circle: Neo4j

Winners' Circle by Philip Rathle VP of Products at Neo4j

Neo4j is the leader in graph database technology. Neo4j is a native graph database, meaning it is purpose-built from the ground up for connected data. More precisely, it exposes a property graph data model via its popular open query language Cypher, and is optimized down to the memory and storage level for representing any data as a graph. Two key advantages of this technology are that the physical representation of the data more or less matches the way you would draw it on a whiteboard, making it easy to communicate, evolve, and understand. Secondly, it’s especially great at spidering through complex networks of data easily and efficiently, particularly as data sizes grow. Data is connected as it’s loaded, which turns connected queries into pointer-chasing operations, which are incredibly fast & efficient.

As the world’s most widely adopted graph database, Neo4j powers artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations, and master data management, and much more. The Neo4j community uses graph technology to solve some of society’s most pressing problems: climate change, curing cancer, accelerating humanity’s journey to Mars, advancing gender equality, improving government transparency, and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

The beauty of Neo4j’s technology is that it is horizontal. Today, thousands of deployments across a broad range of industries use Neo4j to build new and innovative applications that leverage connected data at scale. Neo4j supports a number of free and commercial options, with tools for development, graph visualization tools, graph data science, as well as a new Neo4j Aura database-as-a-service.