Winners' Circle: Qlik

Winners' Circle by James Fisher, Chief Product Officer

The success of an organization is defined by its ability to capture business moments—the moments that require action, a shift in direction to mitigate risks, stay ahead and make a positive change. But these moments are easily missed, and without the right information at the right time, too many businesses are left looking back with hindsight on the decisions they wish they had made.

To seize these opportunities, real-time agility is essential. That requires delivering up-to-date information to the right users at the right times, in a way that enables them to act. But traditional, passive BI can’t meet these demands. At Qlik, we believe it’s time for a new era of BI, where information flows continuously into everyday processes, triggering action in response to business events. We call this Active Intelligence.

Qlik’s data integration and data analytics portfolio, supported by our data literacy as a service offering, delivers the industry’s only end-to-end approach to enable Active Intelligence. We help organizations transform their raw data into informed action through the implementation of an intelligent analytics data pipeline that helps free data from its silos, and helps users find it, understand it and action it.

Whether driving automated metrics and insights within dashboards or embedding them directly into processes, Active Intelligence combines data at rest with data in motion, reflecting the pulse of data. That creates a tremendous opportunity to reinvent everything from customer experiences and business processes to revenue streams and competitive strategy.