Winners' Circle: Qlik

Winners' Circle by James Fisher Chief Product Officer at Qlik

Enterprises know that outdated data is useless data. They want to move from passive to active data consumption and decision making to keep pace with market and competitive forces. Especially in a world filled with uncertainty, being able to know that decisions are being made on the most timely and relevant data is crucial.

Enterprises are investing in digital innovation to drive growth and want to maximize the value of data in the cloud. Modern data integration is key to driving that value. It enables continuous and consistent access and delivery of real-time data—from any system or cloud—to fuel analytics that provide the insights that shape strategy and action. Automating the creation and delivery of analytics data pipelines, Qlik Data Integration powers decision making with data when and where it matters most.

We are committed to expanding the potential of Qlik Data Integration to help businesses break down data silos, bring new data sources on board quickly and seamlessly, and harness the power of the cloud to drive data into every decision across the organization.

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