Winners' Circle: Quest

Winners' Circle, Quest® Database Management Solutions


From rapid data growth and cloud adoption to DevOps and data privacy, today’s IT challenges are mounting. Addressing these issues with native tools and manual processes is expensive and time-consuming. Plus, it leaves you vulnerable to downtime, data breaches, costly fines, slow database performance and lost business. But what if you could manage your growing database environment quickly, easily and affordably? This would empower you to shift more resources toward innovation to drive your business forward. With end-to-end database management solutions from Quest, you’ll save time and money while reducing risk. Maximize your current database investments and gain support for the platforms you’ll adopt in the future with Quest.

Toad® for Oracle Developer Edition

What if you could dramatically reduce the incidence of disruptive and expensive unplanned development cycles? What if there was a way to automatically test, quality review and tune code to maintain your investment in PL/SQL and minimize risks in production? What if you could seamlessly bring your database developers into your DevOps processes? The right tool will support your team’s agile development while also supporting key areas of your Oracle database development.

Enter Toad for Oracle Developer Edition. With Toad for Oracle Developer Edition you can test your PL/SQL code against all your application use cases before implementation, reducing costly defects. You can consistently apply best-practice coding standards to minimize unplanned development cycles. By enabling your developers to better understand code constructs, you reduce the risk of time-consuming codes changes and errors and simplify ongoing code maintenance. And, by making code run faster and scale better in production, slow response time and business interruptions are significantly reduced. All these result in meeting required SLAs.

Foglight® for Databases

You have more on your plate than ever: rapidly increasing data volumes, multiple database platforms, more database instances, DevOps and cloud technology. Data and user demands are growing, technology is evolving and you can’t afford any loss due to database downtime or instability. What if you could proactively diagnose, predict and analyze database issues to quickly determine the
root cause and resolve database performance problems across multiple database platforms?

With Foglight for Databases you can centrally manage your cross-platform database infrastructure, providing consistent visibility and diagnostic workflows across each system that you manage. Both on-premises, hosted systems, as well as databases that run in the cloud. With alerting and notification, real-time and historical diagnostics and reporting all combined with unmatched analytics of collected data, implementing Foglight for Cross Platform Databases ensures optimum health and performance of your entire database


Your fear of downtime may be preventing you from migrating and/or replicating mission-critical apps to various database targets. Downtime interrupts productivity, frustrates end users, can decrease revenue, and wastes valuable resources. We understand that fear.

What if you could continue to innovate and meet SLAs while future-proofing your database environment? What if you could execute database migrations in near real-time without halting business? With SharePlex you can. It’s the complete database replication solution that ensures data accuracy in-flight, achieves high availability, increases scalability, and improves analytics with real-time data integration.