Winners' Circle: Quest

Modern enterprises are being challenged to empower stakeholders to use data assets operationally and strategically. As they reinvent and transform their businesses, leaders are recognizing that data resides at the center of these critical initiatives, and it needs to be accessible to everyone. Data democratization helps business users get their hands on data quickly so they can respond quickly, but it also needs controls so that data is used securely and responsibly.

The Quest® Data Empowerment Platform aligns data governance, data operations and data protection solutions to deliver fast, accurate and relevant data insights for digital transformation. The platform is designed to help global enterprises bridge the gaps between their data infrastructure, security and governance initiatives to empower CDOs, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and other data-centric executives to mitigate risks and unleash more value.

Data governance involves establishing the guardrails—the rules, policies and regulations that are associated with the data. Essentially, it’s about walking the fine line between achieving the greatest business value from the data and reducing the risks that come with that data. The risks include fines, penalties and damage to your reputation if you leave sensitive data unsecured and unencrypted.

Data operations involves preparing data for use and ensuring it’s available to business users. It encompasses the design, management and monitoring of the infrastructure, systems and databases that deliver the data. Activities like data modeling, resource allocation and performance monitoring are all part of data operations.

Finally, data protection covers the mechanics of ensuring your data is backed up properly and your myriad endpoints are secured. It includes archiving your data, retaining it for compliance and being prepared in case of audits. And it extends to protecting sensitive data so that it cannot be used improperly.

Quest customers can now leverage best-of-breed solutions, underpinned by data intelligence that allows them to find, understand and use relevant enterprise data assets for faster, smarter decisions. Customers can build applications, establish operational processes and implement governance and security practices with solutions that harness data from any source and empower everyone with the data intelligence they need to succeed.

Quest solutions can help with your pressing initiatives, such as migration to the cloud, protecting sensitive data, modernizing your applications and more. DBTA award-winning Quest products include ApexSQL Security & Compliance Tools, SharePlex, erwin Data Modeling, Quest Toad for Oracle Developer Edition and Quest Toad for Oracle DBA Edition.