Winners' Circle: Rocket

Winners' Circle by Kathy Larson, Product Marketing Manager, Database and Connectivity

Rocket Innovation Keeps MultiValue Relevant

Over the course of years or decades, our customers continue to invest in their business critical MultiValue applications. We’re committed to ensuring those applications can adapt to address each business requirement to remain relevant and competitive for years to come. At Rocket Software we’re innovating the largest range of modernization solutions for the MultiValue (MV) Application Platform and strive to be the engine in our customers’ journey as they develop and implement strategies that take full advantage of MV.

Modernization has many different meanings. For MV-based applications, modernization might mean increasing productivity by adding development tools, like Visual Studio Code, and modern programming languages, such as Python that are easy to use, efficient, and address the skills gap. To another MV customer it might mean simplifying integration by employing lightweight, zero-install, client applications with open APIs. And to yet another customer it means decreasing time-to-market by implementing CI/CD including cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment and containerization. After listening to our customers, we’ve responded by innovating solutions to ensure they continue to reap the benefits of their investment in MultiValue, many of which we’re offering for free like MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS).

Finally, to help our customers stay ahead, we’ve developed an MV checklist that provides guidance on what to consider when developing modernization plans:

  • Ensuring the MV application platform is running at its peak
  • Avoiding vulnerabilities with the latest security features
  • Leveraging the right technologies to support changing business needs spanning modern developer tools to enhancing the user experience