Winners Circle: SentryOne

Winners' Circle by Greg Gonzalez Founder and Chief Executive Technology Officer

At SentryOne, we know that you want to be a DBA that is finally in control—that’s why you need fast and trouble-free database performance. The problem is, you manage many different systems that randomly break or mysteriously run slowly, which can make you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and under attack by executive leadership. We understand your frustrations, which is why we developed solutions that have helped thousands of companies like yours achieve breakthrough performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

There are many reasons why DBAs trust SentryOne. For one, our solution was built by DBAs, for DBAs. Our experts experienced your same frustrations and used them to create a solution that enables you to build, test, document, and monitor SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and the Microsoft Data Platform. Secondly, we provide DBAs with the most detailed monitoring solution with advanced analytics and the ability to monitor 800+ targets in one deployment with no loss in data or performance hits. Another reason DBAs trust us is because of our unrivaled customer experience. We have the highest rating among competitors on Trust Radius and 100% customer satisfaction for support.

We can help you achieve accelerated performance across the data lifecycle with unmatched scalability, best-in-industry customer support, and the most powerful data performance management capabilities available. Download a free trial of our software today. Learn why we’re the one who can help you end the constant stress and enjoy a balanced and productive professional life.