Winners' Circle: Syncsort

Lonne Jaffee

Winners' Circle by Lonne Jaffee, CEO

With ingenuity, innovation and a healthy measure of inspiration, Syncsort is committed to helping the world’s data-intensive organizations unleash the power of Big Data with fast, secure, enterprise-grade software spanning from Hadoop to mainframes. We strive to help our customers answer the big questions by making what was hard… easy, and what was impossible… routine.

Syncsort is that rare company that has successfully morphed its business model from the mainframe era to the age of Hadoop. Leveraging this experience, Syncsort has developed unique solutions to help organizations optimize workloads across their entire data architecture to realize costs savings and speed data warehouse and mainframe processing.

Our portfolio of innovation includes:

  • Ironcluster. The first ETL engine to run natively within a Hadoop cluster, allowing organizations to develop sophisticated data flows in Hadoop and seamlessly accelerate MapReduce processes—such as HiveQL and Pig—without manually writing, generating or tuning any code.
  • SILQ. The first and only tool designed to help customers understand and offload complex SQL data integration workloads from the data warehouse into Hadoop.
  • The fastest sort & ETL engine for mainframe, Hadoop and Linux/Unix/Windows.

Our rich ecosystem of technology partners—such as Splunk, Tableau, HP Vertica, Amazon and others—brings additional value to our customers, integrating legacy and state-of-the-art technologies to answer the toughest business questions. As Big Data goes mainstream, businesses with well-planned data architectures require frameworks for a new reality where

Big Data technologies integrate and extend the capabilities of existing architectures. Syncsort excels in this approach, leveraging the knowledge that IT teams have accumulated over the years, while maximizing the benefits of latest technologies to deliver new insights and significantly lower costs.