Winners Circle: Syniti

Winners' Circle by Zarina Stanford CMO Syniti, formerly BackOffice Associates

We believe great data quality is not an event—it’s cultural. Data flows throughout your organization via conduits of processes where it interacts with people, other data, and systems. Each interaction is an opportunity to further data quality and capture knowledge for the rest of the organization. However, in most data environments, the resulting data is the only artifact of learning retained.

We believe every interaction, every decision that is made regarding data and its quality, is itself a valuable knowledge asset that should be captured, curated and made available to help the next person in their journey for insights. To preserve that knowledge and make it available for reuse, we developed Syniti Cloud™, a family of solutions that embed machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance overall data governance in the context of your company’s business strategies and policies. As it observes these events, it offers specific guidance through Syniti DeepGuidanceTM to those seeking clarity on data-related topics. And should your rules be broken, automated workflows trigger error notifications and remediation processes.

This ensures a frictionless business flow of your data and its interaction with people throughout your business processes. By making data quality management the cornerstone of your digital initiatives, you can leverage the value of data to unlock new opportunities, support new business models, improve customer service and use artificial intelligence to generate important new insights. By harnessing your learning, you can accelerate future data projects and significantly improve everyday business decisions.