Winners' Circle: erwin, Inc.

Winners' Circle by Adam Famularo, CEO

Data Modeling Underpins Data Governance

You can’t manage or govern what you can’t see, much less use it to make smart decisions.

A data-driven approach has never been more valuable to addressing the complex yet foundational questions enterprises must answer. Organizations that have their data management, data governance and data intelligence houses in order are much better positioned to respond to challenges and thrive moving forward.

erwin Data Modeler (erwin DM) has been the most trusted name in data modeling for more than 30 years. While data modeling enables collaboration within an organization because it delivers a visual source of truth for everyone to follow, its most compelling use case lies in its connection to data governance.

erwin Data Intelligence (erwin DI) provides data catalog, data literacy and automation capabilities so all enterprise stakeholders can discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets. It automatically harvests, transforms and feeds metadata from the widest range of data sources, operational processes, business applications and data models into a central data catalog. Then it is accessible and understandable within a business user portal via role-based, contextual views.

This data intelligence helps produce the desired results to improve organizational performance. Today, data isn’t just for developers and data professionals. It’s everyone’s business if the goal is discovering meaningful insights that drive value.

Thanks to DBTA’s readers for naming erwin DM and erwin DI the Best Data Modeling and Best Data Governance Solutions. Visit our website to request a free trial or demo.

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