IOUG Webcasts - March 20, 2019

How To Identify The Right Workload For Database In-Memory
Tuesday March, 26, 12:00p.m. - 2:00p.m. Central

Oracle Database In-Memory promises an incredible performance boost for analytic queries. But how do you determine if you have an analytic workload that will benefit from Database In-Memory? This presentation will review what Database In-Memory is and how it works, and then we will talk about what types of workload will benefit from Database In-Memory. We will also examine what aspects of a SQL query benefit from Database In-Memory and then compare some actual SQL statement executions to demonstrate where Database In-Memory provides benefit and how Database In-Memory provides that benefit.


  1. Learn what types of workload benefit from columnar based analytics.
  2. Learn how to identify what existing application workload can take advantage of Database In-Memory.
  3. Learn how other customers have used Database In-Memory's analytic performance with their applications.

Who should watch:

This session is targeted at DBAs, Application Architects, Developers and IT Managers who are looking for a way to significantly improve the performance of analytic processing. Individuals responsible for supporting and delivering analytic reporting and business intelligence applications to their organization will find this session useful.

Speaker: Andy Rivenes, Product Manager at Oracle for Database In-Memory

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