ISUG and eLearnIT LLC Launch Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals eTraining Series

eLearnIT LLC, a global independent provider of SAP Sybase PowerBuilder developer eTraining, Seminars and Workshops, in cooperation with the International Sybase User Group (ISUG), a trade association representing more than 8,000 members in more than 60 countries around the globe, has announced the general availability of its Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals eTraining series.

eLearnIT’s courses use a modern web-based, comprehensive, self-paced, rich media presentation format that is available 24/7 and includes text and audio descriptions, video demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises. Included lab exercises support versions 12.0 and 12.5 Classic.

"eLearnIT developed its unique, cost-effective, online training format to respond to current industry trends and economic conditions where organizations sometimes find it a challenge to hire skilled and experienced PowerBuilder developers to create new applications or to maintain and extend their existing PowerBuilder custom business application software," says Yakov Werde, president of eLearnIT. "Realizing the risk and expense of rewriting their core business applications in some other language, many companies choose to hire competent developers from other disciplines and transition them over to the PowerBuilder platform. eLearnIT’s self-paced training courses are the ideal cost effective tool to help companies succeed in readying their developers to work with PowerBuilder."

Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals, Part 1 picks up where eLearnIT’s PowerBuilder Essentials course leaves off, going beyond the core concepts introduced in the earlier course. It provides 10 in-depth topics that span the full breadth and scope of the PowerBuilder Classic platform. Each topic contains in-depth audio and text descriptions and video presentations accompanied by supporting hands-on lab exercises.

The course was created and is taught by one of the most experienced and respected PowerBuilder instructors worldwide. "Yakov Werde is a leader in visual online training, and he has developed a fantastic addition to the original course which organizations and their developers responded very positively to," comments Mike Harrold, executive director of ISUG. "Businesses embraced the Core Fundamentals course with open arms to help them solve their staffing needs, and we anticipate a similar response to the first installment of the Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals offering from our education and training partner, eLearnIT.  We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come."

The course will be available on August 1 and includes an ISUG membership that entitles the developer to a personal-use copy of PowerBuilder 12.5.  For details on getting started, special pricing for existing or prior Core course learners, bundled pricing for the entire PowerBuilder series and multi-developer discounts, visit

For the full ISUG announcement on the Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals eTraining Series, go here.