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A Day In The Life Of A Database I/O: A Deep Dive
March 14, 2023 at 12:30pm ET

We'll look at precisely what happens when Sybase ASE issues a database read or write. We'll follow it through database cache, ASE device queues, O/S filesystems, O/S device queues, disk and network controllers, VM hyperscalar queues, physical hardware queues, multipathing, all the way to the storage array.

At each step, we'll highlight the performance stats and tuning options available at that level, touch on the architectural decisions and constraints, and list references to where to go for further information.

This is a case study of actual work with real consequences. This 90 minute session will let us go down the rabbit hole and get into the technical weeds.

Joe Woodhouse was a Technical Evangelist at Sybase pre-acquisition before founding Prima Donna Consulting. First redefining expectations for a Sybase database engineer, he stayed deep and went wide.

He sees himself as someone who saves projects, budgets, and teams. This means he does more than solve problems: he figures out puzzles, uncovers secrets, unravels mysteries, and brings order out of chaos. As a result, projects are unblocked, budgets are increased, teams exceed their targets—and people keep their jobs.

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