New Surveillance DB Release of Provides More Essential, In-depth Monitoring for SAP ASE

Bradmark Technologies, a leading SAP database solutions provider, announces its new release of Surveillance DB. With integrated support across all SAP database products (ASE, IQ, Replication Server and SAP HANA), Bradmark’s best-in-class monitoring and event management solution delivers more powerful monitoring capabilities to optimize SAP applications faster on SAP ASE. New functionality includes: 

  • Support for ASE 16.0 SP02
  • Agile historical analysis – Top SQL by hour of day
  • Detailed ASE spinlock analysis – Histograms of data cache partitions spinlocks
  • Timed event analysis for running or recent ASE SQL
  • Support for ASE database encryption

Surveillance DB enables IT organizations to maximize overall system efficiency by reducing the time to identify and resolve database issues and tracking departmental usage. 

By utilizing essential tools for real-time monitoring, issue identification and resolution, rules-based event management, data repository and reporting, IT professionals can quickly detect and resolve problems before a crisis can affect availability. 

And with cross platform support for Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 LUW databases that run on UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems, Surveillance DB provides an integrated offering for database administrators to manage multi-database, multi-OS system enterprises from a single source.

To request a demo, go to, or contact Bradmark directly at 1-800-621-2808.