SAP HANA SPS12 Highlights New Offerings for Customers

SAP HANA SPS12 offers customers a compelling value proposition.  It can help existing or new customers run mission critical applications and analytics on SAP HANA.

Suggested Next Steps for enterprises:

  1. Plan to participate on the calls
  2. Download the meeting invitation(s)
  3. Invite colleagues to participate. They can register at
  4. Share this NEW SPS12 external blog with colleagues 

Following each session, the recordings and available materials can be accessed on the blog’s landing page.   

Here are the high-level improvements and new functionality for this release: 
Systems of Record ("SofR")

  • NEW – SAP HANA Capture and Replay:  simulate and analyze workload for tuning and testing to reduce time and cost when implementing change
  • Manage cloud-ready system landscapes with greater flexibility to respond to change resources requirements more efficiently 
  • Ensure business continuity and availability to meet the most demanding SLAs
  • Extend and open support for more hardware and virtualization vendors

Systems of Differentiation ("SofD")

  • Embrace open-source connectivity for more advanced and rich processing of Big Data & streaming data
  • Integrate and transform data to improve data access and support data governance
  • Virtualize data access to access data where it is located and reduce movement

Systems of Innovation ("SofI")

  • NEW - SAP HANA Graph: Traverse vast amounts of connected data to discover meaningful relationships
  • Process spatial data and develop spatially-enabled applications to improve user insights and action
  • Analyze and mine text to uncover new insights