eLearnIT Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals To Be Released In Spanish

eLearnIT, a global independent provider of SAP Sybase PowerBuilder developer eTraining, Seminars and Workshops, in cooperation with ISUG, has announced  that the widely-used and well-received PowerBuilder eTraining course, “Advanced PowerBuilder for Professionals,” is being translated into Spanish.

This development comes in response to a clearly identified demand across the Americas and the rest of the world. Modules will be released in course sequence, one per month for ten months, beginning in November 2012. ISUG, will offer the course based on per-module subscription price. When all modules are complete, pricing will switch over to a complete per course price.

“This is a further step forward in terms of cementing and supporting the global PowerBuilder developer skills base. Bringing Spanish language tuition to the fore is a much needed and much requested development that I have been pleased to oversee as we now look to extend the intuitive and easy-to-grasp tuition techniques that we have become best known for even further outward into the community and to our South American audience in particular,” says Yakov Werde, director and founder of eLearnIT.

“This is a great addition to the growing catalog of PowerBuilder training available from ISUG and eLearnIT,” adds Mike Harrold, executive director of ISUG. “Having witnessed numerous sessions held by eLearnIT, I know first-hand that course content is interactive, extremely focused and always delivered in a lively and engaging manner so that students not only remain focused, they positively enjoy the learning experience from start to finish. This means they go away with real-world skills and this is what matters most at the end of the day.”

The course currently supports PowerBuilder Classic versions 12.0 and 12.5. Go here to receive a first-hand online presentation to guide you through the course elements before you proceed any further. 
Further updates on the course’s development will be available on the ISUG website.