Complimentary Aberdeen Research on Best Practices for the Mainframe

New Aberdeen reports on best practices for decreasing cost and improving processing power on the mainframe are available now.

Are mainframes complex, power-hungry, hard to support? Or are they lean, powerful, and invaluable to the modern IT infrastructure? New Aberdeen research reports point to the latter: mainframe users can decrease cost and improve processing power by supporting critical enterprise applications on the mainframe.
Three new Aberdeen reports are available for a limited time now.

The Fable of Mainframe Complexity - While this spinning-plates reputation may have once been deserved, the modern mainframe is in fact a stable system easily comprehended and put to productive work by a competent staff.

The Green Iron: Mainframes in the Age of Sustainability - Best-in-class respondents to Aberdeen's recent survey on mainframes in the modern market managed to increase their processing power more than their competitors year over year, while at the same time experiencing negligible increase in their mainframe's power consumption - all while increasing the time their data center spent at peak usage.

False Scarcity: Everything Changes, but Nothing is Lost - Why has the bogeyman of talent scarcity failed to influence IT strategy? The dedication of mainframe manufacturers such as IBM to training a new generation of mainframe talent is part of the reason.

Complimentary access to these reports is underwritten by Novell and IBM.