Analyst Papers for Download from Clabby Analytics and Robert Frances Group

• Clabby Analytics has a research paper entitled "VMware vs. KVM: A Functionality/Price Discussion." The report dives into functionality and cost comparisons as they pertain to VMware and KVM hypervisor, infrastructure, and management stacks. Clabby Analytics finds VMware and KVM to offer similar functionality when it comes to performing the essential functions required by most IT managers (the ability to build, deploy, and manage virtual machines). Additionally, through a detailed pricing analysis, Clabby uncovers that KVM can cost up to 40% less to implement and operate as compared with VMware. Access the paper here.

• Linux and Solaris – An Analysis of Two Strategies for Enterprise Operating Systems – Solaris or Linux: Which operating system is the better choice? Oracle has drastically changed Sun's Solaris strategy and Linux has matured. This comparative report provides an analysis that aids in the selection of the most appropriate platform for enterprise environments. It compares and contrasts the latest Linux and Solaris offerings, covering strategic implications, technical features and other selection criteria. A PDF of this white paper by Robert Frances Group is available now