IBM Extends Cloud Computing Patent and Innovation Leadership

IBM announced that its inventors have received more than 400 new cloud patents in 2015. Furthermore, over the last 18 months, IBM has secured nearly 1,200 cloud patents, bolstering the company’s ability to deliver innovative new cloud services, solutions and capabilities to clients across all industries. The new IBM cloud patents comprise a wide range of innovations, including enhancing and improving the speed of deployment and security of cloud data centers, as well as easing the management of cloud applications, storage and maintenance. 

Examples of IBM’s new patents include U.S. Patent #9,015,164 enabling a cloud environment to take snapshots of virtual machines, which can then be used for recovery purposes, to support high availability; and U.S. Patent #8,949,415 to help conserve network bandwidth used by a cloud resource, such as a virtual machine (VM), in response to a volume of high priority network traffic specifically designated for the VM falling below a threshold.

More details are available here.