IBM Introduces Brand New XL C/C++ Compiler on Linux for Little Endian Distributions

IBM has announced the XL C/C++ for Linux, V13.1.2 with support for both big endian and little endian Linux distributions that run on IBM Power Systems.

IBM XL C/C++ Compiler is an industry standards-based programming tool used to develop large and complex applications in the C and C++ programming languages. This compiler complies with the ISO C99 and ISO C++03 standards. It has delivered industry leading performance for over 20 years on AIX, and is now available for IBM POWER Little Endian platforms.

XL C/C++ for Linux V13.1.2 optimizes application performance executing on IBM Power Systems, including the latest Power8; provides highly-tuned math libraries including the Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem and Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms libraries; and enables ease of application migration to Power Systems with standards compliance and extensions. The new release also provides C11 conformance, with near complete C++11 conformance, and OMP 3.1 enablement for C++. 
In addition to Linux big endian distributions, the compiler can also run on the following Linux little endian distributions: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 (RHEL7.1); Ubuntu 14.04 or later; Ubuntu 14.10; SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (SLES 12). These Linux distributions only run on POWER8 technology-based servers. 
This new compiler is available for a 60-day trial version free of charge. For more information, go here.