IBM's Scott Handy on The Value Equation for PowerLinux

What is PowerLinux? In his latest blog post, Scott Handy, vice president, PowerLinux Strategy and Business Development, IBM, writes about the benefits of combining Linux and Power - including strong support for virtualization, performance, scalability, flexibility, support for clouds, efficiency, reliability, security and availability:

When we talk about PowerLinux, what we mean is industry-standard Linux available on IBM Power Systems servers. PowerLinux is taking the industry-standard Linux that everybody knows and loves - the enterprise distributions from Red Hat and SUSE - and enabling it to exploit all the capabilities of the POWER architecture. We at IBM then work with the community to further exploit the capabilities that we have with our Power architecture for virtualization. That is what makes PowerLinux unique - the work that we do to help industry-standard Linux exploit the capabilities around virtualization in the Power architecture ... read on.