Virtualization on System z - New Blog from IBM's Gregory Lotko

Virtualization is relatively new - but not for the IBM mainframe. In a new blog post, Gregory Lotko, vice president & business line executive, System z IBM Systems & Technology Group, reflects on the heritage and features of the IBM mainframe, including a refrigerator-size, energy-efficient footprint and ability to consolidate large numbers of servers into one:

Here at IBM, we often smile when we hear some new buzzword around virtualization. The IBM mainframe has a long history of virtualization. We were doing it before there was a name for it, and System z's flagship virtualization product, z/VM, is nearly 40 years old. But with all the talk about consolidation plays, virtualized workloads, and private clouds, we sometimes need to point out that System z also provides a level of sophistication, flexibility, security and cost-effectiveness that is simply unmatched ... read on.