XL C/C++ Compiler for Linux on IBM z v1.2 Announced

IBM has announced the XL C/C++ Linux on z Systems V1.2. The update delivers significant execution performance improvement over GCC with advanced optimization technology, enabling users to exploit z/Architectures (z10, z196, zEC12, z13) and increase overall platform competitiveness. Now it is possible to combine Clang and IBM C/C++ front-end compilation technologies to provide best of breed support for the latest C and C++ language standards and GCC language extensions. The update enables more options and source compatibility with GCC and Clang for additional ease of migration, while providing binary computability with GCC. 

For more information about XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems, go here. 

And, to access a new blog post by Roland Koo, Product Manager, IBM Compilers, titled, “Supercharge your Linux on z Systems applications with XL C/C++ V1.2 compiler magic,” go here.