Asking the Hard Questions about Open Source Software at OSBC

As more organizations consider bringing open source software into the mix, they must hold all acquired software to high standards regarding quality, security, performance, and value for money spent in acquisition, support, and maintenance. Additionally, open source software adds questions about inclusiveness, governance, and longevity of communities.

In his keynote address at the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) March 17 at 11 am, "Asking the Hard Questions About Open Source Software," Dr. Bob Sutor, vice president of open source and Linux in IBM's Software Group, will examine the hard questions organizations need to ask to ensure that they get more than what they pay for in the software they acquire. At lunch on the same day, Sutor will join IBM's Benjamin Vera-Tudela for a lunch session discussion focused on how organizations can overcome the challenges faced with adoption of Linux and open source software for their desktop alternatives.

The Open Source Business Conference will be held March 17-18, 2010 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, Calif. The event is unique in that it brings together movers and shakers from all aspects of the industry, with diverse, targeted tracks such as "Strategies for the CIO/CTO," "Strategies for the CEO/CMO," the "Legal Perspective, and Innovations, Tools and Solutions." With panel discussions and birds-of-a-feather lunch discussions, this comprehensive open source event offers an opportunity to network with peers, share strategies and tactics, and hear current perspective on open source from the top experts in the field. IBM is a platinum sponsor of the conference.

Among the many highlights planned for the conference, are a keynote on March 17 at 9 am by Jim Whitehurst, CEO, Red Hat, titled, "Changing of the Guard: From Old School to Open," providing an opportunity to learn from one of the industry's leading advocates why open source equates to opportunity. And, on Thursday March 18, at 9:45, Carlos Montero-Luque, vice president, Business & Product Management for Open Platform Solutions, Novell, will lead a "Software Appliance Roundtable - How Open Source Drives a $1.2 Billion Market." As part of this discussion, a panel of industry experts will discuss how trends, such as cloud computing, are driving the explosive demand for software appliances, how appliances are transforming the software delivery paradigm and why open source is the key enabler of this growing market.

The Open Source Business Conference is targeted at IT managers implementing, managing and integrating open source software; developers actively developing and modifying open source software; and legal professionals overseeing the rights of open source projects.

For more information about the conference agenda and to register, go here.