Best Enhancements in Fedora 13 Linux

In his recent Computerworld blog post, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols highlights the five best features of the latest Red Hat-sponsored and community-supported open source collaboration. Fedora 13 is a strong release, and because it is more user-friendly than past releases, Fedora is no longer just for Linux experts, he writes.

Key among the latest enhancements, Vaughan-Nichols says, are Fedora 13's professional-level color management. As a result of the work of Richard Hughes, he writes, Fedora includes the new GNOME Color Manager, allowing people to work in ICC (International Color Consortium) colors across devices.

Coming in at number two on Vaughan-Nichols' list is better printer driver support; three, improved open source graphic drivers; as well as, four, improved KVM support. With Fedora 13's support for KVM, users can declare and reserve PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) addresses, an important feature for production servers running multiple machines, points out Vaughan-Nichols. And finally, he notes, the new release is also easier to use, and more stable to boot.
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