Black Duck Analysis Shows Average Software Product or Application Contains 22% Open Source Software

Underlining the value of a leveraged development model and a growing appreciation of the fact that it is not necessary for all applications and products to be built from the ground up, a new study finds that businesses and organizations implementing multi-source development with open source software benefit from significant cost savings and improved application development efficiencies. The survey of enterprise development organizations was conducted by Black Duck Software, a global provider of products and services for accelerating software development through the managed use of open source software.

Black Duck surveyed more than 175 customers that used open source software in hundreds of development projects over the past 18 months and found that the average product or application contains almost 700MB of code, 22% of which is open source software. The customers and applications included in the sample were drawn from a wide range of application segments.

"Open source has become part of the development fabric of companies in many sectors of the economy," states Tim Yeaton, CEO and president, Black Duck Software, announcing the findings. "Driven by a new pragmatism with its roots in creating software more efficiently and effectively, development organizations and companies are using open source to gain significant competitive advantage in a multi-source development process. The ‘not invented here' mentality is rapidly disappearing, and companies not pro-actively using open source are re-evaluating their approach. Today's markets demand a total focus on finding and using the right code for the job."

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