Dancing Dinosaur: Latest IBM Initiatives Drive Power Advantages over x86

Analyst Alan Radding recently posted an article about IBM’s recent POWER- based systems news, including IBM's multi-year strategic collaboration with Xilinx, and OpenPOWER Foundation members’ new technologies, collaborations and developer resources.

“The combination of collaborations and alliances are clearly aimed at establishing Power as the high performance leader for the new generation of workloads,” Radding writes. “Noted IBM, independent software vendors already are leveraging IBM Flash Storage attached to CAPI to create very large memory spaces for in-memory processing of analytics, enabling the same query workloads to run with a fraction of the number of servers compared to commodity x86 solutions. These breakthroughs enable POWER8-based systems to continue where the promise of Moore’s Law falls short, by delivering performance gains through OpenPOWER ecosystem-driven, full stack innovation.”

Read Alan Radding’s article here.