December 8 Webinar on Understanding KVM as an Enterprise-Grade Solution

In this webinar, attendees will learn more about KVM as an enterprise-grade solution from industry leaders IBM, Red Hat and thought leader, Gary Chen, IDC analyst.

  • Record-breaking performance: Added virtualization-specific performance-enhancing features-like SR-IOV, hugepages, and asynchronous I/O-let Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) achieve record-breaking virtualization performance.
  • Superior scalability: KVM can scale up to 4,096 core hosts with 64TB of RAM and 64 vCPU guests with 2TB of RAM-well above what competing proprietary solutions can offer.
  • Advanced security: SELinux allows fine-grained kernel-level security policies to be applied to virtual machines (VMs). No other hypervisor on the market supports this advanced security infrastructure.
  • Lower cost: Companies that have deployed KVM-based solutions have experienced significant savings over deploying similar configurations based on proprietary solutions.
    And more.

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