Greg Kroah-Hartman Joins Linux Foundation as Fellow; LPI Becomes Member Organization

Greg Kroah-Hartman is joining The Linux Foundation as Fellow, becoming part of a distinguished group of Linux Foundation Fellows that includes Till Kamppeter, Janina Sajka, Richard Purdie and Linus Torvalds. Previous Fellows include Steve Hemminger, Andrew Morton, Andrew Tridgell and Ted Ts'o. In his role as Linux Foundation Fellow, Kroah-Hartman will continue his work as the maintainer for the Linux stable kernel branch and a variety of subsystems while working in a fully neutral environment. He will also work more closely with Linux Foundation members, workgroups, Labs projects, and staff on key initiatives to advance Linux.

Kroah-Hartman created and maintains the Linux Driver Project. He is also currently the maintainer for the Linux stable kernel branch and a variety of different subsystems that include USB, staging, driver core, tty, and sysfs, among others. Most recently, he was a Fellow at SUSE. Kroah-Hartman is an adviser to Oregon State University's Open Source Lab, a member of The Linux Foundation's Technical Advisory Board, has delivered a variety of keynote addresses at developer and industry events, and has authored two books covering Linux device drivers and Linux kernel development.

Separately, The Linux Foundation also announced that the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), a Linux certification organization, has become a member of The Linux Foundation. LPI's certification program is supported by an affiliate network spanning five continents and is distributed worldwide in multiple languages at more than 7,000 testing locations. "LPI represents many Linux professionals from around the globe and we have been promoting the professional use of Linux and open source since 1999. Our membership in The Linux Foundation is a natural partnership for us given our long-standing history of industry and community cooperation. We look forward to working with The Linux Foundation to enhance the open source ecosystem that supports innovation and evolution in this dynamic industry," said Jim Lacey, president and CEO of LPI.