Growth Markets Embracing IBM PureSystems to Help Ease IT Complexity and Skills Shortage

IBM is seeing growing momentum of IBM PureSystems among global clients and business partners, as organizations increasingly look for ways to reduce IT complexity and overcome the worldwide skills shortage.  According to industry experts, approximately three-quarters of global employers cite a lack of experience, skills or knowledge as the primary reason for the difficulty filling IT positions. As a result, organizations are searching for new computing models that don’t require a significant commitment of resources or employee training to set up and maintain. IBM PureSystems is addressing this issue by providing patterns of expertise – a new technology model that builds on the experience of thousands of IBM clients and streamlines the set-up and management of hardware and software resources.

More than 700 Business Partners, including resellers, distributors and ISVs are supporting IBM PureSystems. PureSystems currently run tens of thousands of existing ISV applications across four operating environments including Linux, as well as AIX, IBM System i, and Windows. IBM Business Partners have created more than 160 new solutions and applications that are optimized to run on PureSystems. These patterns of expertise, which span 20 industries, can be accessed through the IBM PureSystems Centre. They include leading solutions from some of the world’s largest ISVs, including ERP systems and applications for the banking, marketing, healthcare and energy industries.