Hungry for High Performance and Low Cost? Kimchi and Ginger Make it Easy to Consume PowerKVM

When IBM introduced the new POWER8 processor and next-generation Power Systems earlier this year, PowerKVM was also launched. Aline Fatima Manera, Christy L Norman Perez, and Paulo Ricardo Paz Vital, Staff Software Engineers, Open Virtualization, at the IBM Linux Technology Center, have written about the significance of PowerKVM and how the open source Kimchi and Ginger software make it easy to manage PowerKVM in a new blog.

“With the rollout now of KVM on Power, IBM is committed to making it as easy as possible for both Power users who have not used Linux or KVM before, as well as existing Linux and KVM users – who are familiar with KVM on x86 or System z but not Power – to gain all the benefits of PowerKVM. In addition to the favorable economics of KVM virtualization, PowerKVM virtualization fully leverages POWER8’s symmetric multi-threading to achieve the highest performance possible with the hardware.”

Read it here.