IBM Brings Apache Spark’s Analytics Power to Linux and z Systems Servers

Spark, the open source in memory analytics framework, has come to the IBM mainframe. In a new IBM Systems magazine article, Mythili Venkatakrishnan, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and the z Systems Architecture and Technology Lead for Analytics, explains what Spark is, what IBM has done to enable it for the mainframe, what it means for mainframe analytics going forward and a glimpse into where we expect it to head. Spark isn’t only about data access, but about the framework that’s offered in terms of analytic programming contexts, according to Venkatakrishnan. 

"Apache Spark provides an opportunity to have a fresh look at how analytics are constructed and performed in today’s enterprises. It offers some intriguing ideas for optimal leverage of the strengths of transactional environments and high business value data along with the vast amounts of external data while using consistent interfaces as well as a common skill base,” she notes. 

To read the IBM Systems magazine article, go here.