IBM Introduces Docker-Based Container Services for Enterprise Cloud Application Developers

At DockerCon in San Francisco, IBM introduced enterprise-class containers that make it easier for clients to deliver production applications across their hybrid environments. IBM Containers, based on Docker and built on Bluemix, IBM’s platform-as-a-service, provide a more efficient environment that enables faster integration and access to analytics, big data and security services. 

Containers give developers flexibility to build once and move applications without the need to rewrite or redeploy their code. Enterprises will now be able to use the combination of IBM, Docker, Cloud Foundry, and OpenStack to create a new generation of portable distributed applications.

IBM has become a founding member of a coalition of partners and users to create the Open Container Platform (OCP) that will ensure that containers are interoperable. The creation of the OCP will produce a collaborative environment that fosters the rapid growth of container-based solutions, offering developers a single industry agreed upon approach and direction.

Additionally, IBM has demonstrated industry’s best performance of Java on Docker. IBM Java is optimized to be two times faster and occupies half the memory when used with the IBM Containers Service. Moreover, as a Docker-based service, IBM Containers include open features and interfaces such as the new Docker Compose orchestration services.

To read the full announcement, go here.

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