IBM Joins New Linux Foundation Project as Demand Grows for Mainframe in Open Community

Enabling greater access in the developer community, IBM is making the largest single contribution of mainframe code to the open source community. A key part of the mainframe code contributions are IT predictive analytics that constantly monitor for unusual system behavior and help prevent issues from turning into failures. The code can be used by developers to build similar sense and respond resiliency capabilities on other systems.

In addition, in collaboration with The Linux Foundation, IBM will support the new Open Mainframe Project, a collaboration of nearly a dozen organizations across academia, government and corporate sectors to advance development and adoption of Linux on the mainframe. "Linux on the mainframe has reached a critical mass such that vendors, users and academia need a neutral forum where they can work together to advance Linux tools and technologies and increase enterprise innovation," said Jim Zemlin, The Linux Foundation Executive Director.  "The Open Mainframe Project is a direct response to the demands of Linux users and the supporting open source ecosystem to address unique features and requirements built into mainframes for security, availability and performance."

Alongside the announcements of the new IBM mainframe, the code contributions, and its participation in The Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project, IBM is also is creating the LinuxONE Developer Cloud to provide open access to the development community. The cloud acts as a virtual R&D engine for the creation, testing and piloting of emerging applications including testing linkages to engagement systems, mobile applications and hybrid cloud applications.

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