IBM Keynotes Red Hat's EMEA Partner Summit

On May 3rd, Jean Staten Healy, director of Linux strategy at IBM, gave a keynote presentation entitled "Linux as a Catalyst for a Smarter Planet" at the Red Hat & JBoss EMEA Partner Summit in Valencia, Spain. Healy discussed the role that Red Hat Enterprise Linux plays within the context of a Smarter Planet, and how IBM's Linux strategy helps support IBM and Red Hat's joint clients.

IBM is working with clients to make many aspects of the world "smarter" - roadways, healthcare, power grids, and food production for a better way of living. IBM's vision for a Smarter Planet is founded upon the idea that significant opportunities for advancement arise as the world becomes more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent. There is an unprecedented opportunity to be smarter about the way that we interact with each other and our environments, and Linux is a foundational element in this vision. For more on IBM's vision for a Smarter Planet, go here.