IBM Makes Major Commitment to Advance Apache Spark

IBM has announced a major commitment to Apache Spark, potentially the most important new open source project in a decade that is being defined by data. 

As data and analytics are embedded into the fabric of business and society – from popular apps to the Internet of Things (IoT) – Spark brings essential advances to large-scale data processing. First, it dramatically improves the performance of data dependent apps. Second, it radically simplifies the process of developing intelligent apps, which are fueled by data.

IBM plans to embed Spark into its industry-leading analytics and commerce platforms, and to offer Spark as a service on IBM Cloud. IBM will also put more than 3,500 IBM researchers and developers to work on Spark-related projects at more than a dozen labs worldwide; donate its breakthrough IBM SystemML machine learning technology to the Spark open source ecosystem; and educate more than one million data scientists and data engineers on Spark.

For more information, go here.