IBM, OpenPOWER, and GENCI Drive Supercomputing Closer to Exascale

IBM and GENCI, the high performance computing agency in France, are collaborating to speed up the path to exascale computing – the ability of a computing system to perform at least one exaflop, or a billion billion calculations, in one second.

The collaboration, planned to run for at least 18 months, focuses on readying complex scientific applications for systems under development expected to achieve more than 100 petaflops, a solid step forward on the path to exascale. Working closely with supercomputing experts from IBM, GENCI will have access to some of the most advanced high performance computing technologies stemming from the rapidly expanding OpenPOWER ecosystem.  Supported by more than 140 OpenPOWER Foundation members and thousands of developers worldwide, the OpenPOWER ecosystem includes a variety of computing solutions that use IBM’s licensable and open POWER processor technology. As part of the collaboration, GENCI will examine the impact and requirements of POWER’s open architecture on scientific applications, witht the aim of fostering a deeper understanding of application requirements as the computing industry advances towards exascale computing with an increased interest in accelerator technologies.

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