IBM Power Systems Showcased at Strata + Hadoop World

IBM Power Systems were recently showcased at Strata + Hadoop World in New York City, where IBM showed how Power Systems provides the world’s superior platform for Systems of Insight, driving digital business in a waitless world. At the event, Power Systems highlighted new capabilities for Spark and Hadoop on the world’s first system designed for data. It featured enhanced IBM Data Engine for Analytics solution, including IOP, Spark and BigInsights 4.1. These exciting new products and capabilities, along with our proven ability to run big data workloads with twice the performance over our competitors, will help clients bring new insights with big data and analytics. 

How is the digital era completely changing the business world? Watch this video  featuring Doug Balog, General Manager of IBM Power Systems, to find out how Power Systems is bringing new products, new capabilities and new insight to big data and analytics.  

Additional videos from Strata + Hadoop World are available for on-demand viewing featuring Jeff Jonas, IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist at Entity Analytics, on Systems of Insight, and Randy Swanberg, Distinguished Engineer for IBM Systems, discussing Spark.