IBM Tops Newsweek’s List of Greenest Companies in the World

Newsweek has released its 2010 rankings of the greenest companies and, of the top 100 greenest global corporations, IBM came in at number one.

To produce the 2010 green rankings list, Newsweek partnered with three environmental research organizations, and took into consideration the environmental footprints, policies, and the reputations of the businesses.

The Newsweek rankings report cited IBM for its strong program for reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions and for offering products and consulting services to help clients make their businesses greener. The Newsweek report noted that between 1990 and 2000, IBM cut its energy use by 5.1 billion kilowatt hours, enough to power a medium-size town, and also pointed to another new IBM venture, its Sustainability Management System technology, which will help clients operate their commercial buildings more efficiently.

More details about the Newsweek rankings are available at the Newsweek website.