IBM Unveils IBM PureSystems - a new Family of "Expert Integrated Systems"

IBM introduced a new family of "expert integrated systems" called IBM PureSystems, which features built-in expertise based on IBM's collective experience running customers' IT operations. IBM PureSystems' scale-in design integrates and optimizes all of the critical components required in a data center - system networking, storage, compute, management, etc. - and provides for a single-view management system. Out of the box, all PureSystems family members are built for the cloud, enabling corporations to quickly create private, self-service cloud offerings that can scale up and down automatically.

The IBM options include four operating system environments - Linux running on either Intel microprocessors or IBM's Power chips, IBM's AIX and Microsoft's Windows, writes Steve Lohr in an article for The New York Times. And, there are four choices of virtualization software including VMware, KVM, Hyper-V, and PowerVM.

"By tightening the connections between hardware and software, and adding incomparable software know-how, PureSystems is designed to help clients to free up time and money to focus on innovation that many businesses cannot address due to ever rising costs and staffing needs in the traditional data center," says Steve Mills, senior vice president and group executive, software and systems, IBM. For more details about the new systems, go here.