IBM WebSphere Extends Performance Leadership with New Benchmark

Illustrating its commitment to delivering the most effective performance for an organization's full range of critical business applications while helping to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs, IBM has announced an industry-first benchmark result and a new migration toolkit that simplifies the transition from Oracle WebLogic to IBM WebSphere. IBM is the first vendor in the industry to publish performance results based on SPECJEnterprise2010, the latest benchmark for businesses developing modern applications that utilize Java EE 5.0 for streamlined development to dramatically reduce costs, improve performance and speed time-to-value. 

By publishing these results immediately after the release of SPECJEnterprise2010 and ahead of all other application server vendors, IBM has demonstrated unmatched performance for applications that require the highest levels of availability and scalability by delivering 7,903.16 Enterprise Java Operations per second (EjOPS) on a cluster of eight server nodes. The results also prove that for applications optimized for cost and simplicity of administration, IBM clients can experience unprecedented performance levels based on benchmark results of 1,013.40 EjOPS on a single server node. And finally, the results also show that IBM clients can achieve the highest levels of performance through an integrated, IBM solution consisting of IBM WebSphere Application Server, DB2 and IBM servers (BladeCenter and System x) hosted on Linux.

IBM is also announcing the availability of its new WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit that helps organizations migrate from Oracle WebLogic Server to WebSphere Application Server v7. The new toolkit has been shown to cut the time required for a typical migration, which often takes three to six months, in half.

For more information on how IBM is helping Oracle Application Server customers to quickly and easily migrate to IBM WebSphere, go here.