IBM and OpenPOWER Members Deliver Accelerated Technologies to Break Big Data Speed Barriers

IBM and fellow OpenPOWER Foundation members have revealed new technologies, collaborations, and developer resources to enable clients to analyze data faster and more deeply. The new offerings center on the tight integration through CAPI (Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface) of IBM’s open and licensable POWER processors with accelerators that can be optimized for computationally intensive software code.

The accelerated POWER-based offerings come at a time when clients are seeking the ideal server platform for Internet of Things, machine learning, and other cognitive computing applications. Through an open, collaborative model, IBM, along with more than 90 members participating in the OpenPOWER Foundation’s Accelerators Working Group, are developing and delivering a range of accelerator-based solutions.

“There is a need for systems that provide greater speed to insight -- for data and analytics workloads to help businesses and organization make sense of the data, to outthink competitors as we usher in a new era of Cognitive Computing,” said Brad McCredie, IBM Fellow and OpenPOWER Foundation President. “IBM and our fellow OpenPOWER members are on the forefront driving the changes necessary for innovation at all levels of the technology stack, including the development of the industry's first open, high-speed interconnects between processors and accelerators.”  

For more information about new products, collaborations and further investments in accelerator-based solutions on top of the POWER processor architecture, go here.