IBM’s Bluemix Services Help Developers Build Applications in the Cloud

To help developers quickly integrate applications and speed deployment of new cloud services,  IBM has added more than 30 new cloud services that are available in Bluemix, its platform-as-a-service (PaaS).  IBM is also launching Bluemix Garages, collaborative locations where developers can create new apps on Bluemix, learn new development skills, and access IBM's developer ecosystem.

"The adoption rate of Bluemix has been nothing short of phenomenal since being announced only a few short weeks ago," said Steve Robinson, General Manager of IBM Cloud Platform Services.  In the first eight weeks of Bluemix’s open beta launch, IBM has seen rapid adoption of the open platform with key clients and partners such as GameStop, Pitney Bowes, Continental Automotive and start-ups, including EyeQ.

Built on open standards and leveraging open source Cloud Foundry project, Bluemix has added new services such as Cloud Integration services to securely connect and integrate an organization’s applications and information in the cloud; Internet of Things services to allow developers to register and connect networked devices such as microprocessors and embedded machine to machine sensors to the cloud; and Data and Analytics services for developers to deliver data-centric mobile, web-scale applications.

More information is available about Bluemix.