IBM’s Doug Balog on the New Forces of Innovation

IBM is in the midst of a transformation resulting from the combined market forces of the need to drive analytics insight from more data, the rise of cloud technologies, and the changing ways in which firms engage with clients due to new workflows, new business models, and new technology. "All of this says that we as a company at IBM have to keep transforming and that is what we have been doing," said Doug Balog, General Manager of IBM Power Systems, explained in a recent interview.

The introduction of the new z13 mainframe has been very successful, Balog said. In addition, the new OpenPOWER approach to hardware has been embraced strongly, he noted. With the demise of Moore’s Law, a disruptive approach was needed and the OpenPOWER Foundation borrows from the open source software  playbook. “It’s going to take a community. You cannot do this by yourself. No one company owns, or should own, the innovation agenda. That’s the breakaway model,” said Balog.

Watch Doug Balog’s interview with The Cube here.

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