IBM's New Server Manufacturing Center Features Green Innovations

The opening of a new $30 million manufacturing facility at its Poughkeepsie site to produce the next generation of System z mainframes and high-end Power Systems servers, was recently announced by IBM. The facility, built inside an existing structure, will produce IBM's next line of System z mainframe computers and high-end Power Systems servers. The facility's features include a closed-loop system that circulates chilled water throughout the facility for air conditioning, systems cooling and other functions. The constantly circulating water also uses localized system cooling through IBM's unique "Cool Blue" Rear Door Heat eXchangers. And, in the test area, there are thermodynamically-sound hot and cold aisles, placing systems front to front and back to back to maximize air flow and energy efficiency. The first products for customers are expected to roll off the assembly line later this year.

"The new manufacturing facility in Poughkeepsie reflects IBM innovation in the design, testing and assembly of its mainframes and high-end servers," says Mike Desens, Poughkeepsie senior location executive, IBM Systems & Technology Group. "And it underscores our reliance on the skills and talents of our workforce, as well as a long-term commitment to a continuing presence in New York State and the Mid-Hudson Valley." For more information, go here.