KVM Matures, and the Use Cases Multiply

LinuxCon Europe and KVM Forum were recently held in Dusseldorf. Adam Jollans, Program Director for Linux and Open Virtualization Strategy at IBM, attended the events and shares his reflections on what took place in a new blog on The Linux Foundation website. 

“First of all, the conference was big. LinuxCon Europe was quite a bit larger than LinuxCon Europe last year. With the array of co-located events, including KVM Forum, there were over 2,000 delegates at LinuxCon. This really shows the strength of interest in Linux and also in the related open source projects such as KVM,” he writes. “As I look back in the rear view mirror at the conferences now, the key takeaway for me is that KVM use is rapidly expanding. From first being used to virtualize Linux servers, it has now evolved to form the basis of the open cloud, being used for emerging new uses such as network function virtualization, and running on many more processor architectures.”

Read it here.