Linux Foundation Survey Finds Open Source Adoption Growing

More than 50% of all software purchased within 5 years will be open source, writes Libby Clark in a blog featured on The Linux Foundation website highlighting the results of a new survey.

According to Clark, this year's Linux Foundation survey, "Future of Open Source Survey," which included responses from 740 companies, signals a tipping point in terms of open source technology adoption in the enterprise and non-technical industries, including automotive, healthcare, and finance. In the auto industry, Clark points out, 59% of respondents to The Linux Foundation survey use open source software now, and 35% say they are evaluating it.

Broader adoption fuels a bigger ecosystem to drive innovation in technologies such as cloud and mobile computing as well as solutions for big data, and the creation of new business models, Clark points out. In addition, she notes that the survey shows that companies are switching to open source software to avoid vendor lock-in, lower costs, and increase quality, according to the survey. This is notable as it marks the first year in the six-year history of the study that quality has ranked among the top three reasons for adopting open source software.

To read the blog detailing the survey results, go here.