Linux is Everywhere – Keep Your Options Open

A new blog by Adam Jollans, Program Director, Cross-IBM Linux Strategy, IBM, explains how new workload demands and greater hardware heterogeneity are placing Linux at the heart of IT innovation:

Linux used to be the commodity play, doing the same for less to help improve the bottom line. But today, more than ever, Linux not only offers a price advantage but is a major force fueling innovation. That is why IBM continues to vigorously support Linux.

Many of the new CAMSS (cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security) applications are being deployed on Linux and open technologies. In fact, Linux and open technologies are increasingly the default platforms for new workloads. Clouds are being deployed with Linux, much of the activity with Hadoop and NoSQL databases is being done on top of Linux, and Android (a mobile operating system based on Linux) is now the platform for the majority of smartphones and tablets.

 These Linux applications are running on a wide range of hardware — Power, System z, and ARM as well as x86 - matching the workload to the advantages of each processor architecture.

Read the blog here.