Mayo Clinic and IBM Use Watson to Improve Clinical Trial Research

Mayo Clinic and IBM are planning to use Watson, the IBM’s Linux-powered cognitive computer, to match patients more quickly with appropriate clinical trials. A proof-of-concept phase is currently underway, with the intent to introduce it into clinical use in early 2015.

“In an area like cancer — where time is of the essence — the speed and accuracy that Watson offers will allow us to develop an individualized treatment plan more efficiently so we can deliver exactly the care that the patient needs,” says Steven Alberts, M.D., Chair of Medical Oncology at Mayo Clinic. 

This version of Watson will be especially designed for Mayo Clinic. As it progresses in its tasks and matures through this collaboration, 
Watson will learn more about the clinical trials matching process, become even more efficient. Watson also may help locate patients for hard-to-fill trials, such as those involving rare diseases.

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